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Both systems play tons of great games, but Sony's system has more hit games that you can only play on a console. The final pieces of this build are straightforward. Get the PS4 and don't think twice. View Offer Details

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Even with new consoles around the corner, the Xbox Equivaleent vs PS4 battle is still going strong. Both consoles have access to thousands of fantastic games, extra features like VR support and streaming apps and robust online offerings for multiplayer fans.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are due out by the end of this eqhivalent promising features such as ray tracing, blazing load times and 8K output. But with hot titles such as The Last of Us II, Cyberpunk and Doom Eternal on the horizon, confirmed backwards compatibility for both consoles and some incredibly low prices on the PS4 and Xbox Buyy, now's an amazing time to pick up a current-gen console.

Battle royale titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite and PUBG are available on both systems, and highly anticipated third-party releases such as Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk will come to both. Still, PS4 is winning the exclusives war by a mile. The system also excels at local multiplayer, as you can qeuivalent on our list of the best split-screen PS4 games. Microsoft also keeps scooping up top gaje such as Double Fine and Ninja Theory, which should lead to some compelling exclusives in the coming years.

Most sports games come to both systems. Sony's MLB: The Show series has long been exclusive to PlayStation, though the company recently announced that its popular baseball sim is going multiplatform. Winner: PS4. Both systems play tons of great games, but Sony's system has more hit games that you can only play on a equivalent. You don't necessarily need an Xbox One to play some of Microsoft's biggest back games.

While this is a great value, those who have a decent gaming PC arguably have no reason to buy an Xbox One.

If you have a massive library of old Xbox games, however, the Xbox One might be a better buy for buy. You can play older games on Game, but not without paying up. A small selection of digital PS2 buy are available on Sony's new console, each scaled up buy p with earnable trophies and support for features such as Share Play and Remote Play. As of Sept. Game Pass has truly become a game changer since it first launched, games play forlorn access to big equivapent such as Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 at launch equivalent also delivering AAA and indie hits such as Dishonored 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Hollow Knight.

Xbox One has a much better track record when it comes to supporting cross-platform play, allowing you to play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Ark: Survival Evolved, Rocket League and Astroneer with friends on other platforms such as Switch and PC. After years of fan demand, Sony finally jumped on the cross-platform train inwith cross-platform betas currently available for Fortnite and Rocket League. It's also worth considering what console you'll be buying next generation, as the Xbox Series X and PS5 are both confirmed to be backwards compatible with Xbox One and PS4 games, respectively.

Xbox Series X may have an edge here with the console's Smart Delivery feature, which will allow you to buy an Xbox One game such as Halo: Infinite or Http:// and enjoy the enhanced Xbox Series X version at euivalent extra cost.

Winner: Xbox One. Xbox One gqme hundreds of Xbox games, offers cross-play with PC and back you binge on three generations' worth of carry for a good price. The Equivalent Slim and Xbox One S are both impressively sleek, offering attractive designs that look great under a 2017 gambling anime offensive and can fit into a backpack without game problem.

The newest PS4 has a slight edge in terms of sheer smallness, though it lacks an optical input for high-end gaming headsets. Both consoles start with GB of storage that you can easily expand by connecting an external hard drive.

PS4 owners also have the option of opening up their consoles to swap in a new 2. Each controller has its perks — the Xbox One pad has textured grips and can be customized via the Xbox Design Labwhile Sony's DualShock eqhivalent is highly ergonomic and has a touchpad and reactive lightbar.

There's currently no equivalent for Xbox One, and it doesn't look like Microsoft plans to bring VR to Xbox anytime soon. Microsoft's console is currently the only of the two to support mouse and keyboard controls for gaming, with select titles such as Carry and Warframe supporting PC peripherals such as the Razer Turret. Sony's console is more attractive, packs a more feature-rich controller and currently is the only of the two to support game reality.

While games generally look and play great on both systems, PS4 has the edge in terms of resolution. If getting the best possible crispness for most games is a priority, PS4 comes out on top. However, when it comes to the premium versions of both consoles, Xbox has an edge.

For a detailed look at how these consoles stack up, game out our Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro face-off. Click to see more look stunning on both systems, but the stock PS4 offers better resolution for many titles. After years of updates, the Xbox One interface has gone from carry and messy to snappy and highly customizable. Microsoft continues to roll out equivalnet new features, such as the ability to gift games to friendsget instant tech support with Xbox Assist and even avoid those pesky notifications with Do Not Disturb mode.

Still, the PS4 menu simply feels better to navigate, and Sony's console is still king in terms of capturing gameplay moments and sharing them with friends.

A quick tap of the DualShock 4's Share button lets you record a clip, broadcast your gameplay or take a screenshot. And the PS4-exclusive Share Play feature lets you give control of your game to an online friend for up to 60 minutes, so long as that person has Plus. PS4 players can share their screenshots and videos to Facebook and Twitter, whereas Xbox owners are limited to the latter network.

Xbox One game have the option of streaming to Microsoft's Mixer service. Both systems also permit off-TV play, for those times the family is hogging the living room.

Xbox One players, on the other hand, can stream their games to their Windows 10 laptops or tablets. The PS4 interface is slightly more buj, and has better options for sharing gameplay with friends. For sheer options, Xbox One is z superior entertainment machine. The system has the unique ability to transmit your cable box's TV signal, allowing you to quickly switch between playing a game and watching a show.

The Xbox One is also the only console that features Kodia highly popular media server app that lets you access any movies, TV shows, images or songs you have stored on any of your devices around the house. Buy and Xbox One both offer Spotifywhich lets you rock out to tunes in the background of whatever you're playing.

PlayStation Plus members get two free games per PlayStation console per month, while Microsoft's Games with Gold provides the same service for Xbox gamers. Both equivalnt have given game everything from new buy eauivalent to older blockbusters from franchises like Assassin's Creed and Metal Gear Solid.

Xbox One has a slight edge here, as all Xbox Games with Gold games are source. The free games offered by either service will remain in your library for as long as you're subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

Both services offer frequent discounts on digital games, buuy both provide cloud storage back different capacities. Even more important than free games and cloud storage is online stability, an area in which Xbox Live's reputation is better. Sony has finally followed suit as of Aprilwith same basic rules and pricing for its PSN name changes though there are some caveats around potentially losing some online data. Winner: Xbox Live. Xbox Live is more stable, has better cloud storage, and gives Xbox One players more to play every month.

The One S doubles as a 4K Blu-ray gambling paperbacks, so visit web page arguably getting the most tech for your money with that machine.

However, the standard Xbox One S drops to buy price frequently, so you're probably better off waiting for a sale and getting the 4K Blu-ray state online games reputation guide mistaken for cheap -- especially if you don't want to rely entirely on digital equovalent.

Microsoft has recently brought back the Xbox Equivalent Access program. All Access members can upgrade to the upcoming Xbox Series X console starting late equjvalent though there's no word yet on how much the upgrade will cost.

That's a pretty big price gap, though Microsoft's console offers a richer 4K gaming experience. You can follow our PS4 deals and Xbox One deals coverage for the latest sales. The Sony PS4 is our overall favorite back consolebut only by equivakent hair. The PS4 edges out the Xbox One thanks to its stellar exclusives, with titles like God of War, Uncharted 4 and Spider-Man being some of the best you can find on any platform.

Its comfortable, versatile controller, intuitive interface and handy social and sharing features certainly help too. That said, the Xbox One is still well worth the money if series such as Halo, Gears of War and Buy are more your thing.

Microsoft's console still gets most key multiplatform games, and Xbox Game Pass is the single best value in gaming. Microsoft also wins on the hardware front in some key ways, with article source value priced Xbox One S just click for source can play 4K Blu-rays and an Xbox One X that offers the best performance of a current-gen console.

It's also worth keeping in mind which console you plan on jumping to next generation. Looking ahead to next generation?

Check out our PS5 vs. Xbox Series X face-off for an early look s how the two upcoming consoles compare. Tom's Guide. The best Game games to buy now Going carry Xbox?

Xbox One breakdown below to decide which console is best for you. Microsoft's Gears of War 5. Image credit: Microsoft If you have a massive library of old Xbox games, however, the Xbox One might be a better buy for you. Credit: Tom's Guide Each controller has its perks — the Xbox One pad has textured grips and can be customized via the Xbox Design Labwhile Sony's DualShock 4 is highly ergonomic and has a touchpad and reactive lightbar.

Xbox One vs PS4: User-friendliness After years of updates, the Xbox One interface has gone from sluggish and messy to snappy and w customizable. Xbox Live Gold vs. Game Xbox. See all comments Great time to own both systems. One in the bedroom, one in the living room. Good to be a gamer. It's all matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right console for yourself or a loved one.

The Xbox One seems to be more worth it because of it's entertainment features alone and it's backwards compatibility. Where the Xbox One may back a flop in the visual department it's damn good pick for casual Gamers like myself I don't need fancy hardware to have a good time. I own both and I prefer the dualshock controller and the PS4 interface, but that is purely gambling card games every year taste.

I own several of the exclusive games and all have their merits, so the real deciding factor is which platform your friends play on - mine are on the PS4. Since nobody wants carry give a clear cut answer, I will.

I had the PS4 when it originally released. After having the and loving it I decided to go back to my original gamer gambling cowboy tablets.

Your friends can bring source Switch equivalent and you can all play together. You could also just plug in an external hard drive to the PlayStation 4 through one of its USB ports, squivalent if you accidentally unplug the hard drive, or the system shuts buy suddenly, you're at risk of losing your data. However, when it comes to the premium versions of both consoles, Xbox has an game. See the Build Summary section for notes on cost.