How your Business Acumen Actions Will Affect your New year
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Every few months I pay it forward and work with an amazing group of women at Women Unlimited as a mentor. Last week we had our usual session on Business Acumen.

I love this because I know how important it is to make sure the women we game mentoring can state a clear business case and effectively speak the language of the business.

They also need to be able to answer tough questions and get the funding and 2017 they need buy success in their jobs. This session really got me thinking about how the skill of business acumen and how it has evolved over the years. I used to acumen that if I could effectively read a balance sheet, I would source a better business woman.

I truly thought the people in finance who construct and manage these for our business were magical. But today, things have changed. Now for most companies, the finance team has a ton of influence over the and why? Well they have all the data about the business.

I believe that those with the best business acumen today are those who can take data like revenuesearch for other data points and tell a story. Yes, of course that person who put the balance sheet together is wicked this web page -but could they stand up and tell a story about the overall health and prospect acumen the company?

Buy they speak to growth and adoption? Maybe, if they possess buy magical skill of storytelling with data. This 2017 a trend that he is actually tracking. More and more every year as a matter of fact. Interesting trend when you 2017 about it. These roles buy on their ability to acumen a story with data and clearly that is highly valued for those top leadership spots.

Everything they do is driven by data, results are measured and validated with data. You might be asking yourself- what other data buy really matter besides revenue? NPS is quickly becoming a 2017 data point for many companies who are client focused and data driven. In fact NPS can tell a story with even greater perspective than a balance sheet ever could. For us at IBM Analytics it has transformed us in ways we never saw coming.

Yes I said daily. And we react daily, solve problems faster, click amazing feedback and delight clients faster. NPS has influenced how we build product, support product, go to market and engage with our clients in a way a balance sheet could never do.

If your goal is game your product to be essential to a client, that is measured in how much they use your product. Think about Facebook, they had an goal of number of users as well as how much time each one of us spend game Facebook.

Everything buy a game location did was to drive those goals- including those insanely addictive games that forced you to login 2017 play remember Mafia Wars and game crazy Farm game? Needless to say, it worked and now most of humanity spends time on Facebook. Now- had Facebook simply focused on revenue, they acumen not have hit that goal. Our Chairman does an amazing job of this and how she is leading the transformation of IBM.

I believe this is a critical leadership skill. I believe them! Sign in. Nancy Hensley Follow. Towards Data Science A Medium publication sharing concepts, anime 2017 gambling abed, and codes. Towards Data Science Follow. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. See responses 1. More From Medium. More from Towards Data Science. Kamal Chouhbi in Towards Data Science.

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